Classic Gaming- Gran Turismo 5: (2010)


We all remember how great Gran Turismo 4 was for the PlayStation 2.  The graphics for Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 was spectacular along with the various features which allowed people to gain many hours of gameplay.  Gran Turismo 4 had so much offline features that it would make people think twice about selling the game. We all knew that eventually there would be a Gran Turismo 5 but was not sure when it would be released.  As we all know Gran Turismo 5 was developed by Polyphony Digital and was released in late 2010. Before the release of Gran Turismo 5 we did not know what to expect other than improved graphics and gameplay similar to what was produced in Gran Turismo 4.  But after Gran Turismo 5 was released we got more than what was expected in terms of gameplay.


One of the very strong positives of this game in comparison to Gran Turismo 4 includes the added realism included during each of the races.  Gran Turismo 5 includes weather effects during each race along with damage modeling including scratches and dents after crashes which is an improvement many have wanted to see for a while.  Also, players had the ability to gain extra horsepower changing the horsepower on a newly purchased car which was helpful to many people in game.  Along with added realism Gran Turismo 5 had introduced over 70 race tracks that players can choose from.  In addition to more race tracks the game had included over 1,000 cars to choose from.  Most cars in the game had to be unlocked throughout the game which proved to be more challenging than the previous Gran Tursimo games.  In Gran Turismo 5 players have the opportunity to complete various tests including licenses, A, B, C, and International.  Along with completing different licenses people can are required to play throughout different categories including Gold, Silver, and Bronze in order to unlock specific cars.


As one progresses throughout the game in completing different license tests they can unlock various cars including Honda’s, Mazada’s, Nissan’s, Toyota’s, and Mercedes-Benz’s.  While there were many enjoyable tracks in the game there were also many difficult tracks that many people thought were impossible to complete.  Some of the courses that were very challenging included A-8, IC-10, and IA-10 which was a nightmare for many people.  Another feature that made Gran Turismo 5 a great title included the online gameplay which can include up to 16 players.  While players have the opportunity to unlock different cars thoughout the game they can also special racing events including the Top Gear Test Track and Jeff Gordon’s NASCAR school.


After its initial release Gran Turismo 5 received praise from various gaming publications including GamePro which rated the game 4.5 starts out of 5.  Gran Turismo 5 also received various awards under the category of “Best Racing Game” Game Revolution, Game Trailers, and the Golden Joystick Awards.  The gameplay, mechanics and improvements made in Gran Turismo 5 had exceeded the expectations of many people who were fans of the series.  While Polyphony Digital had produced many great GT games in the late 90’s and early 00’s it would be safe to say that they started of the 10’s in a very special way.

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