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Classic Gaming-Soul Calibur III: (2005)


When we think about classic fighting games there are many game series usually come to mind.  While the Soul Series may not be the first to come to mind it is very close to many gamers.  Soul Calibur III was developed by Project Soul and released by Namco in 2005.  Soul Calibur III had done a great job on improving many features from its prequel including gameplay and graphics.  Another great feature about Soul Calibur III includes the amount of detail they placed into different game modes Take of Souls, Soul Arena, and World Competition mode.  One mode specifically known as “Chronicles of the Sword” was very interesting because it allowed people to create their  own character using “Character Creation Mode” to battle countless enemies while winning gold, leveling up, along with acquiring the territories of fallen foes.  Unfortunately, “Chronicles of the Sword” was only a one player mode but it gave players hours of excitement and gameplay; this mode was also a unique innovation that was added to the Soul series.


Many of the characters who were available in Soul Calibur II had returned in this game except exclusive characters such as Link, Heihachi Mishima, and Spawn depending on the entertainment console.  Other characters who were removed included Inferno, Necrosis and Seong Han-myeong.  Despite, losing a some characters the series had gained a few such as: Tira, Zasalamel, Setsuka.  One of the most interesting things about Soul Calibur III includes how much time the developers had put into adding depth into the game.  The offline content of Soul Calibur III was well developed because there no online gameplay.  The fact that Soul Calibur III was made exclusively for PlayStation 2 makes the game an instant classic since its not available on any other console.


Shortly, after its release Soul Calibur III had become very popular as a fighting game and was highly praised by critics and fans alike.  The innovations Project Soul had made to their game had caught the attention gaming publications and has received numerous awards.  Soul Calibur III had won awards for “Best Fighting Game” at the E3 2005 Game Critics Award and the E3 2005 Gamespot Award.  This title was also named the “Best Fighting Game” by IGN in 2005 for its awesome gameplay, graphics, and storytelling.  Overall, Soul Calibur III was a great game but some people may debate whether or not its the best in the series.

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