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Retro Gaming- Double Dragon II: The Revenge: (1988)


Double Dragon II: The Revenge was released by Technos Japan Corp for the arcade system in 1988.    This game similar to the original Double Dragon game was a beat em up game where the main protagonists had to battle the Black Warriors.  Double Dragon 2 was a another fun beat em up game that many people use to enjoy for the arcade system.  The only problem that many people had with Double Dragon 2 was that it was very similar to the first title.  In some ways that can be a good thing for many people who were not huge fans of Double Dragon and did not know much about the game.  This game had provided players with better graphics and a decent soundtrack as one progresses throughout the game.


The boss battles were also very unique since each boss had their own theme which made the fights more interesting.  However, some may argue that the boss battles for each mission are not too challenging but this usually depend on who you ask.  Some boss battles in this game are generally easy since you can use weapons against them during the fights.  Towards the end of the game things get very interesting when players must battle their own clones after defeating the main boss Willy. While this game was very exciting for the arcade system it had eventually been ported to different gaming consoles such as: the Sega Mega Drive and the NES.  Many people argued that the NES version of this game was inferior since it was not a direct port of the arcade version.  The Sega Master Drive version which was released exclusively in Japan came the closest in terms of being a direct port of the arcade game.  Overall, Double Dragon II: The Revenge was an exciting title for those who were fans of the series; while this game was similar to the first installment the refined graphics made everything much more enjoyable.

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