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Retro Gaming- Sonic Adventure 2: (2001)


This game is the second installment to the Sonic Adventure series which was originally released for the Sega Dreamcast in 2001.  Sonic Adventure 2 was critically acclaimed by many fans within the Sega community for its gameplay & design.  This title had also introduced a new concept where players were allowed to play as Sonic and his friends for the hero story or Shadow and his allies for the dark story.  In the hero story players are allowed to control Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles in order to complete various missions that involve saving the world;  the dark story allows people to play as two new characters Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and the recurring main antagonist Dr. Eggman who seek to conquer the world.  The missions in this game are generally more difficult than the original Sonic Adventure game.  The levels that many people would probably agree was the most difficult included the hunting levels with Knuckels & Rouge.


Searching in large canyons such as Pumpkin Hill along with journeying into outer space just to search for emeralds adds way more excitement to this game.  The fast paced platform levels which included  Sonic & Shadow kept gamers on the edge of their seat as they progressed.  After learning about the origins of Shadow we learn about Dr. Eggman’s plan to control the Space Colony Ark.  Afterwards, the story dives deeper and we learn about Gerald Robotnik the main antagonist’s grandfather  who wanted to destroy the earth using his real ultimate life form in the form of a bio lizard.


The biolizard eventually evolves into the “Finalhazard”  and threatens to destroy Earth by sending the Space Colony on a collision course towards the planet.  This ultimately leads to the final fight sequence where players are able to control both Super Sonic & Super Shadow in order to defeat the “Finalhazard.”  Sonic Adventure 2 not only had a great campaign mode but it also included a competitive multiplayer mode which added to the game’s replay value.  Sonic Adventure 2 had received favorable reviews from many different publications such as: GamePro, GameSpot, IGN and more.  Many people would agree that Sonic Adventure 2 is probably one of the best 3D games in the series; sometimes it makes many Sonic fans wonder whether or not there will ever be a Sonic Adventure 3 ?

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