Classic Gaming- Gran Turismo: (1997)


There were many memorable games that many people enjoyed from many different genres for the PlayStation 1.   But when it comes to the racing genre one of the most memorable games that would come to mind includes the original Gran Turismo.   In December 1997,  Grand Turismo was released in Japan for PlayStation while the game debuted in both Europe and North America around mid 1998.  This racing game had a lot to offer in terms of both gameplay and realism.  The original Gran Turismo had a wide selection of cars the players can choose from along with having to overcome many obstacles in order to make progress throughout the game.  An example would include the races where players are required to acquire specific licenses to compete in races that would allow them to earn money in order to upgrade their vehicles and earn trophies throughout the game.


Along with having great gameplay Gran Turismo also had a decent soundtrack that would make the experience more exciting for players.  The gameplay of Gran Turismo was great for a variety of reasons including the addition of a multiplayer mode which contributed to the replay value of the game.  As many of us know there was so much time and detail placed into this game since its production dates back until 1992.  It would be interesting to wonder what Gran Turismo would have been like if it was released on a 16-bit console such as the Sega Genesis or the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.   If Gran Turismo had been released as a 2D racing game would it have been as much of a success?  At this point that question would be considered irrelevant by many critics & gamers due to the reception Gran Turismo had received as a 3D game.  This game was not only considered to be one of the best racing games made for the PlayStation 1 but it had also received high praise from many different publications.


Gran Turismo had received five star ratings from AllGame, GamePro, and PlayStation Magazine for its innovative gameplay.  This game had  also received a perfect ten by Edge magazine and won an award for “Best Simulation” at the Spotlight awards in 1999.   On top of all these things Gran Turismo was one of the top selling games for the PlayStation 1 console and probably the best racing game in 1998.  Overall, Gran Turismo is an instant classic because not only was the game exclusive for the PS1 but it was also the beginning of an awesome racing series that many gamers still enjoy to this day.

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