Classic Gaming-Final Fantasy VII: (1997)

As we all know Final Fantasy VII is quite possibly one of the best RPG video games that was released during the 90s.  Final Fantasy VII was released for the original PlayStation game console in 1997.  Prior to its release Final Fantasy VII was originally planned to be a 2D game and at one point the designers had thought about releasing the game for the Nintendo 64 game console.  However, the designers not only wanted the game to be 3D but they had also wanted to put as much detail into Final Fantasy VII as possible.  The designers had concluded that the game did not have the required capacity to run on the Nintendo 64 game console and decided to move forward with releasing it for PlayStation which ultimately paid off in the long run.  Final Fantasy VII is considered to be an iconic RPG game that was highly praised by both critics and fans alike.  The game focuses on the main character known as Cloud Strife who worked as a mercenary after serving as a member of Shinra’s Solder unit.  After making the decision to become a mercenary Cloud aligns himself with a group known as AVALANCHE.   Throughout the game Cloud meets numerous other important characters including Aerith, Barret, and Tifa who assists him on his main mission. Cloud’s mission  is to stop the main antagonist Sephiroth who seeks world domination.

This game is jammed packed with hours of fun, excitement and adventure as players progresses throughout the story.  Final Fantasy VII also contained a more realistic vibe in comparison to its predecessors.  Not only did Final Fantasy VII include the industrial themed setting for the game but some would argue that the main character Cloud diverts from the style of a traditional heroes who are usually featured as the main protagonists in RPG gaming.  Cloud being a mercenary as opposed to a traditional hero is one of the many elements that makes Final Fantasy VII exciting along with the good graphics and great storytelling.   Prior to its initial release many fans might have anticipated the release to occur on a different game console such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  However, around the mid to late 90’s 2D gaming was beginning to make a huge transition into 3D gaming.  We all know that a majority of the Final Fantasy games released for the SNES were fantastic and always kept gamers on the edge of their seats.  But the seventh installment on the PlayStation was special because it was the first game in the series to feature 3D graphics and as kids we thought it was the best thing in the world .

Also, the composer Nobuo Uematsu  had created great soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII just like he did for many of the other games within this series.  Some many argue the soundtrack he created for Final Fantasy VII was better in some ways since he was able to utilize the PlayStation sound chip as opposed to working with the Super Nintendo.  After its initial release Final Fantasy VII had won numerous awards from many different gaming publications. Final Fantasy VII had received five star ratings from gaming publications such as: AllGame, Computer & Video Games, Gamepro, and U.S. PlayStation Magazine.  Final Fantasy VII was considered to be one of the best RPG games to be  released during the 1990’s and also one of the best titles to be released for the original PlayStation system.  With the remake out Final Fantasy VII coming out soon nostalgic gamers will have the chance to experience the adventure with highly refined gameplay and graphics.  While there may be many Final Fantasy games that many people love it would be safe to say that Final Fantasy VII holds a special place in the hearts of gamers.

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