Classic Gaming- Final Fantasy IV: (1991)

While many gamers are anticipating the release of Final Fantasy XV for 2016 some people cannot help but reflect on how great many of the past titles for the series was.  One of the great games in the Final Fantasy series includes the forth installment which was released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991.  The forth installment was entitled “Final Fantasy IV” and was directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi years before its release.  The release of Final Fantasy IV was not only something that many people had looked forward to but it was also at title that allowed the developers to make some significant changes to series in terms of gameplay.  It was during the fourth installment of the Final Fantasy series where the Active Battle System was introduced.  The Active Battle System not only added excitement to the game but slightly increased the difficulty for players who enjoyed the game.  This feature was added after the designers decided to scrap the Turn Based Battle system which was utilized during the first three Final Fantasy games. Final Fantasy IV was not only popular for its innovative gameplay but in depth storyline similar to most games in the series.  The story in Final Fantasy IV focuses on the main protagonist Cecil Harvey who is aided by his allies including Kain Highwind and Rosa Farwell.  In this game Cecil Harvey must stop the the main antagonist Zemus who plans on destroying the human race.  Zemus attempts to carry out his wishes by controlling Golbez who is actually Cecil’s older brother Theodore.  Golbez was not only spelled by Zemus but is manipulated along with Dark Kain to utilize a genocidal machine known as the “Giant of Babil.”

While playing this game there are many exciting levels and battles where players must develop strategic methods in order to  defeat some of the toughest enemies in the game.  If one was to ask fans of Final Fantasy IV on who the toughest bosses are some people would provide answers such as: Bahamut, The Evil Wall, Zeromus, and Wyvern. To many gamers these bosses where tough while others found the level of difficultly for each battle challenging.  But despite how difficult the game was to many people completing the entire story was worth the buy.  Final Fantasy IV was so popular it was named as the “Best RPG Video Game” by Electronic Gaming  Monthly following it release.  Final Fantasy IV had also received a five star rating from GamePro in early 1992 while being highly praised by various other gaming publications including Gamespot and IGN.  Final Fantasy IV  had also received re-releases for WiiWare, PlayStation Portable along with iOS and Android mobile.  This game was significant because the gameplay had established the groundwork from many other future games in the Final Fantasy series with the introduction of the Active Battle System.  Final Fantasy IV was another great game in the series produced by Square.  Not only was the game well received by players and critics alike it kept everyone on the edge of their seat for the sequel of this RPG classic.

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