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Chrono Cross (1999)

Chrono Cross is another unforgettable RPG classic that was developed by Square Co. and released for the PlayStation console in Japan during the fall  of 1999.   This game would not be released in North America until the summer of 2000 allowing Chrono fans to anticipate the long awaited sequel of Super Nintendo’s  Chrono Cross that was released in 1995.  It was during mid 90’s where gaming started to transition mainly into 3D gameplay and similar to the Final Fantasy series many people where excited about the sequel of its predecessor.  While Chrono Trigger may be the title many people remember another game was released for the Super Nintendo in 1996 entitled “Radical Dreamers.”  Unlike Chrono Trigger this game was available exclusively in Japan and was accessible through Satellaview to be an add-on feature for Super Nintendo.  The game Radical Dreamers is significant because it plays a large part in setting the stage the story for Chrono Cross.  The story for Chrono Cross focuses on the main character Serge a seventeen year old boy who ends up in an alternate world ten years before his drowning death to discover the circumstances that led to the incident.

This journey leads Serge on a quest to save the world and similar to Chrono Trigger the concept of time travel plays substantial role in Chrono Cross as players are allowed to travel into parallel dimensions.  During his journey Serge is joined by the likes of other characters including Kid, Guile and Norris who assist him on fulfilling his quest.  Serge also has to battle enemies including Lynx and Harlie who constantly plots against him throughout the game.  One of  the reasons why this game is very interesting is because of the plot and the amount of depth the story has.  Along with being connected with the past two games Chrono Trigger and Radical Dreamers there are some interesting twists and turns to Chrono Cross.  An example would include Lynx turning out to be Serge’s father Wazuki who was transformed into a different being by FATE.  Another great feature about Chrono Cross includes its enjoyable soundtrack with songs such as: Scar’s of Time, The Girl who Stole the Stars, Radical Dreamers and many more.  While many gamers found this RPG classic to be exciting there were some who believed the game to also be very easy.  This does not mean the game did not include any difficult boss battles.

If you ask some people who have played Chrono Cross they will probably tell you that Migul & Garai are the hardest bosses in the game while others will tell you that the game is a cakewalk.  Despite on how you view the difficulty for Chrono Cross many can agree on this game being one of the best RPG titles produced during its time and probably in the history of gaming.  Many publications including Game Revolution and Imagine Games Network highly praised Chrono Cross for its features, gameplay, and graphics which was great during the time. Publications such as GameSpot scored Chrono Cross a perfect ten  while PlayStation magazine gave the game a five star rating.  Based on the reception this title received the designers of the game Hiromichi Tanaka, Masato Kato, Yasuyuki Honne, and Yasunori Matsuda should have immediately known that Chrono fans have anticipated a sequel to this chapter of the series.  It has been approximately fifteen years since Chrono Cross was released and since then the game has been re-released for the PlayStation Network in both Japan and North America.  If the creators decide to add another  chapter to the Chrono series many fans would not only ponder what direction the main storyline will take but features it can possible add to make the game more enjoyable.  Overall, Chrono Cross is an outstanding RPG game and being one the best games in its genre makes this classic worthy of  holding a special place  in the hearts of many gamers who enjoyed the series.




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