Metal Slug 8- Will it ever happen?

When it comes down to legendary SNK video games alongside The King of Fighters the Metal Slug series is one of the biggest names that instantly comes to mind. The Metal Slug series got started back in 1996 and since then we have got to see numerous entries across various game systems all the way up to the late 2000’s. The latest main entry within the series was Metal Slug 7 which came out for the Nintendo DS back in 2008. By the late 00’s the Metal Slug series had greatly declined in popularity mainly because the 2D run n gun genre became overshadowed by 3D first person shooter and action-adventure games. Also, the Metal Slug series in general has not earned as much revenue as The King of Fighters series which is still going today. The peak of the Metal Slug series came around the late 90’s-early 2000’s with the third main installment arguably being the best one of them all. After Neo Geo consoles SNK Corporation stoped producing their own game systems the Metal Slug series was not nearly as popular as it was during the arcade era of the 90’s. A Metal Slug 8 would probably appeal to a niche audience of gamers due to nostalgia if it were released on a platform like Steam. However, there are not too many people within the online gaming community who are clamoring for a Metal Slug 8 game. The generally believe is that the Metal Slug series is dead and it will not be nearly as popular as it once was over 20 years ago.

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