Metroid Prime Remastered finally appears on Nintendo Switch

Those who watched the Nintendo Direct presentation on 02.08.23 were pleasantly surprised by the lineup that was presented in relation to upcoming releases for this year. Despite, Metroid Prime 4 being absent at Nintendo’s Direct presentation we did learn that a remastered version of the original Metroid Prime game is now available online on Nintendo’s eShop. As it currently stands the digital version of Metroid Prime Remastered is now playable online but the world has to wait until February 22 to get their hands on a physical copy of the game. Metroid Prime from 2002 is widely regarded as one of the best entries within the entire series and its a game that should have been remastered about ten years ago for the Wii-U console. Seeing how the original Metroid Prime game has been remastered many wonder whether or not MP2: Echoes and MP3: Corruption is going to eventually get the same treatment later down the line. Seeing that the Switch console is approximately six years old now its quite possible that remastered versions of MP2: Echoes and MP3: Corruption can end up being saved for Nintendo’s next generation console later in the 2020’s decade.

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