Retro Gaming 10’s- Journey: (2012)

Its hard to believe that 2012 was over a decade ago and for many people that was one of the last great years that we had during the 10’s decade. We got to see the release of many popular video games back in 2012 including such as: Diablo III, Far Cry 3, Halo 4, Tekken vs Street Fighter and Borderlands 2. One of the few games from 2012 that came out of the year that is highly underrated that does not get talked about as much is Journey. Journey was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and developed by Thatgamecompany and was released for PlayStation 3 back in 2012. The concept and visual design for the Journey game was amazing because it looked very smooth and had a cinematic quality to it. Also, the developers of Journey were able to tell an entire story without any spoken communication which felt somewhat similar to the Stray video game from 2022. Instead characters within Journey communicated through musical chime as they controlled an unnamed wonderer while traveling through a desert. One of the most interesting things about Journey game was the fact that its development had began back in 2009 and by the time the finished product was released it looked like an indie game from the mid to late 10’s. Some would look back at the Journey title from 2012 and argue that game was ahead of its time in terms of visual design; especially since similar art styles were generally used for a variety 3D indie games throughout the 2010’s decade. Despite, not being a top selling video game for the PS3 many video game publications including GameSpot, IGN and Eurogamer praised Sony’s Journey game; with the soundtrack being one of the strongest features of the game itself. Its a shame that Sony did not take the Journey game and turn it into a video game series; but its unlike that the reception that Journey received exceeded the expectations of Sony. The popularity of Journey eventually lead to the game being ported to the PlayStation 4 back in 2015 and it eventually appeared on PC and iOS during 2019. Journey was arguably one of the best 3D indie adventure games of the 2010’s and is definitely one of those titles that has aged gracefully within the past decade.

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