Retro Gaming 10’s- Fight Night Champion: (2011)

Everyone remembers how awesome life used to be back in the early 10’s when everything was simple and the world was a much better place in general. Back in the early 10’s we got nothing but high quality video games for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 and sports genre of gaming was more popular back than opposed to today. When it comes down to high profile sports games from the early 2010’s one few titles that many people remember is Fight Night: Champion from 2011. The Fight Night series had started back in ’04 during the PS2/Xbox era of gaming and unfortunately the Champion game from ’11 was the last installment within the series. Fight Night: Champion was developed by EA Sports and published by EA Canada and considered one of the greatest box games of the 2010’s decade. Also, most everything about Fight Night: Champion was good including the gameplay, graphics, roster and story mode. Fight Night: Champion was a game that should have sold way more than it did mainly because creators put so much effort into making it appeal to the masses. The controls in Fight Night: Champion were very east to learn mainly because of the Full-Spectrum Punch Control feature that was included the game; where players could throw punches by moving the control stick opposed to remembering what buttons to push.

Fight Night: Champion also had a boxer creation mode that looked impressive along with a star-studded roster of licensed world-class boxers such as: Mike Tyson, George Forman, Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis and more. The campaign mode in Fight Night: Champion was also one of the best that you would see in any boxing game despite despite how its duration was. The story mode centered around the main protagonist named Andre Bishop who ends up defeating a heavyweight boxer named Issac Frost after serving time in prison from being framed for a crime committed by boxing promoter D.L. McQueen. The story featured a variety of unexpected twists that involved Andre’s younger brother Raymond Bishop signing with McQueen’s promotion as a boxer which quickly turns into a rivalry. Also, the game saw Megan McQueen ditch her father’s promotion to be a manager for Andre due to disagreements that ultimately drove both of them apart. The fact that Fight Night: Champion has never received a sequel is insane but most people believe that its due to the game falling below EA’s desired expectations in terms of sales. But to be fair the early 2010’s was a period where MMA was extremely popular and games like UFC Undisputed 2010 and UFC Undisputed 3 likely overshadowed Fight Night: Champion.


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