Retro Gaming 10’s-Split/Second: (2010)

Everyone knows that the 00’s decade was arguably the best time period in history to be a fan of the racing genre of gaming. There were countless classics that emerged from the 00’s decade including Gran Turismo 3 & 4, Burnout Paradise, Forza Motorsport, Need For Speed Underground 1 & 2, Race Driver: Grid and many more. The popularity of the racing genre during the 00’s had also carried over the early 10’s to some extent with the release of games like Gran Turismo 5, Forza Horizon, Grid: Autosport and others. One of the few racing titles from the early 10’s that was epic and underrated was Split/Second from 2010. For those who do not know Split/Second which was published Disney Interactive Studios and developed by Black Rock Studio. Split/Second was released for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PSP and was considered to be a fast paced arcade racing title. Split/Second was a arcade racing game that felt like an action-adventure movie and almost everything about it felt serious. The soundtrack and the overall tone of Split/Second made the game feel more serious than your average arcade racing title which made it standout more from titles like Need For Speed, Outrun 2 or the Burnout series. The cutscenes that took place during races when players took the lead or caused other cars to crash was very unique and impressive.

Also, Split/Second had a somewhat futuristic vibe it which was seen as players raced and saw stats as it related to what place they were in and how many yards they drifted when making turns. Each car within Split/Second had their set of attributes in relation to Speed, Drift, Strength and Acceleration. One of the main drawbacks about Split/Second was the fact players were limited in terms of choices in relation to car selection. The base version of Split/Second provided players with roughly around 27 different car choices which was not bad considering the fact that its an arcade racing game. Also, Split/Second was not really a story or career driven game similar to that of Need For Speed series during the 00’s. Instead, players were on a fictional reality television program competing for money, fame and status which is okay for a standalone racing title. Almost, each race in Split/Second was dangerous and filled with road hazards as players competed to win. Split/Second feature online multiplayer gameplay that allowed up to eight players to be apart of one game. Split/Second also had local offline multiplayer gameplay that allowed two players to compete against one another using a split screen display. Some argue that the offline multiplayer gameplay for Split/Second could have been better but the game its was above average for an arcade racing title.


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