Akuma- Most underrated villain in the Street Fighter series?

As many people know the Street Fighter series has been around since the late 80’s and over 30 years later the franchise is still a major attraction within the gaming world. Throughout the series Street Fighter has seen many memorable villains who served as main antagonists in various games including M. Bison, Gill and Seth who were all final bosses at some point in at least one game within the series. However, when it comes down to villain characters who were extremely challenging within the Street Fighter series one of the few names that instantly comes to mind is Akuma. Unlike, other main villains within the Street Fighter series like Bison or Gill who ambitious about world domination Akuma was a warrior who was obsessed about being the most powerful being in the world. Even though, Akuma was considered to be pure evil and showed no mercy on opponents during battle he always wanted to fight the most powerful opponents that he could possibly find. Following, his introduction in Super Street Fighter II: Turbo in ’94 it was clear that he could rival the likes of M. Bison in power; especially after taking him down using the Shun Goku Satsu in arcade mode if players dominate other opponents before reaching the final stage. Also, when you fight Akuma in his true form in games like Street Fighter: Alpha 2 Gold its almost impossible to defeat him in one shot. In older installments within the Street Fighter series Akuma normally appeared as a hidden character or secret boss when in reality an entire game could have been build around him being the official main antagonist. Either way, Akuma is considered to be one of the iconic villains in Street Fighter history by many people and is quite possibly the strongest character within the series outside of the Ryu and the main villains from SFII to SFV.


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