Retro Gaming 10’s- Titanfall: (2014)

Almost everyone who was a fan of gaming knows about the Titanfall title that Electronic Arts had released back in 2014. Titanfall was developed by Respawn Entertainment and one of the more memorable first person shooter games of the mid 10’s. The campaign mode for the original Titanfall stood out so much mainly because of its online multiplayer gameplay. Generally, campaign modes in first person shooters are local and offline whether it be single-player or co-op gameplay. The campaign mode in Titanfall allowed players to hook with random people around the world through an online lobby for campaign gameplay. Titanfall was released for the Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows and the campaign felt like a single-player campaign only with online gameplay. There were so many good aspects about Titanfall including the weapons players were provided in the form of machine guns, assault rifles, sniper riffles and semi-automatic shotguns. Players also had the ability to x-ray vision along with invisibility cloaking to gain the upper hand when on the battlefield as well. The way the gameplay looked in Titanfall was impressive especially and was similar to a Call Of Duty game; mostly because former developers who worked on previous installments of that series was involved in the development of Titanfall.

This game revolved around players piloting human sized exoskeletons for the purpose of combat but for whatever reason Titanfall had no offline game modes which was one of the main cons about this title because offline modes normally contribute to the overall replay value of first person shooter games. However, in the case of Titanfall the game was so unique that it probably was better off without local multiplayer gameplay. One of the most impressive features about Titanfall was the fact that up to fifty players could be present on a single game during online multiplayer modes. The game modes featured in Titanfall included Capture The Flag, Hardpoint, Pilot Hunter, Marked For Death and others. The idea of being apart of a multiplayer online campaign mode with features such as character dialogue, cutscenes along with interactions with NPC’s made for an unforgettable gaming experience. Despite, not breaking one million in terms of sales Titanfall was without a doubt arguably the best game that Electronic Arts had put out in 2014.

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