Could the Mega Man X series have worked on the Sega Genesis?

The Mega Man X series is probably one of the most popular run and gun platform titles that Capcom has ever made for the SNES. Games such as the Mega Man X series along with countless RPG titles for the SNES would bring many people to argue that the Super Nintendo had better games than the Sega Genesis.  When it comes down to Mega Man games the only title that many people are mainly familiar with is “The Willy Wars” which released in the mid 90’s.

While Mega Man the Wily Wars was pretty cool on the Genesis the fact that the Mega Man X  one to three was exclusively for the SNES back in the 90’s is one of the things that added to the appeal of each game.  Back then people had to own a SNES console to enjoy Mega Man X one to three.  Even if the first three Mega Man X games were featured on the Sega Genesis it probably would feel completely different from what many people enjoyed about SNES versions.  

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