Should there have been a PilotWings title for GameCube?

There are many people who may find it shocking that there was never a sequel for PilotWings 64 which was released for the Nintendo 64 back in 1996.  When the PilotWings series first got started in the early 90’s on the SNES it caught on with many people as a flight simulation game.

In fact the original PilotWings title for the SNES along with PilotWings 64 had managed to sell over one million units worldwide each since they were both released which is impressive considering the fact that the  amateur flight simulation genre was not too popular in countries like America during the 90’s.  Despite, not being as popular as other video games from the 90’s PilotWings 64 still had a decent amount of commercial success during that time and was one of the many video game series that deserved more in the long run.

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