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Would Blaster Master Zero be considered a success for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know the Blaster Master series has been around since the 80’s when the Nintendo Entertainment System was popular.  In fact the original Master Blaster game was released for the NES back in 1988.  The original Master Blaster game had a basic plot but was praised by many people because it’s gameplay.  The problem that people had with the original Blaster Master game was that the game itself was too difficult.

The recent game the series Blaster Master Zero is arguably not as difficult as the original.  Also, many people are surprised that the series made a return on the Nintendo Switch.  When it comes down to visual design and gameplay Inti Creates did a great job on Blaster Master Zero.   Even though, the game is not quite as popular as the original many people are glad to see the Blaster Master see back on a home console.

In terms of sales it was reported that Blaster Master Zero has sold over 80,000 units worldwide since its release back in March 2017.  While some people might argue that Master Blaster Zero did poorly in terms of worldwide sales others will argue that the game has done well.  Usually, games are expected by some people to hit at least one million units worldwide to be considered as success in terms of sales.  However, considering the fact that the Blaster Master series has faded in popularity since the 90’s selling 80,000 units worldwide on a brand new game console is actually quite impressive.

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