Retro Games- Crazy Taxi: (1999)


When it comes down to driving games one of the most memorable titles from the 90’s that comes to mind was Crazy Taxi which was released in arcade centers around the world in 1999 and for the Sega Dreamcast in 2000.  When Crazy Taxi was first released many people were impressed by the concept of the game itself since it provided players with somewhat of a feel on what it was like to be a taxi driver.  When this game was released in the late 90’s it was probably one of the most popular racing games that anyone would see in arcade centers at the time.  Crazy Taxi was so much fun to play because it game players the ability to travel around many different areas to pick up and drop off other people within specific time limit.  As fun as Crazy Taxi seemed the game was little more difficult than it actually looked.

While picking up other people and driving them to their destination the only help that players will generally get are arrows that would stare them in the right direction. Crazy Taxi did not give players a road map that would help players get to their destination before starting with their next person.   As cool as the arcade version of Crazy Taxi was many people liked the Sega Dreamcast port of this game because it played liked the original and offered more gameplay options.  The Dreamcast version allowed player to work for 3, 5 or ten minutes along with the option of playing under arcade rules.  Not only did Crazy Taxi feature great gameplay but it also had amazing graphics that looked better than anything that one would see on the Sony PlayStation or Nintendo 64.  Crazy Taxi is without a doubt is a true driving classic developed by Hitmaker that is cherished by some people until this day.

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