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Gaming Consoles- Sega Dreamcast: (1998)


Anyone who was a gamer back in the 90’s remember the wonderful games & consoles that provided hours of  high quality entertainment.   There were many game consoles that were so great that most people would think twice about selling them along with certain games they purchased with it.  One of the game systems that many people enjoyed in the 90’s was the Sega Dreamcast released in Japan during the later part  1998.  As many of us know Sega Dreamcast was not released in American and Europe until 1999.  After its initial release many people were blown away by various features of the Sega Dreamcast.  This game console had includd a 128-bit graphics engine along with a 56k modem that provided high quality 3D gameplay.  Along with having excellent visuals it was also the first console to have a built in modem for internet where people would have access to online services.


Some of the online services that the Sega Dreamcast had included was SegaNet and Dreamarena which many people were eager to use when the console was first released. The inclusion of internet use was one of the many reasons why so many people were excited about the released of the Sega Dreamcast.  Another reason why many people wanted to purchase Sega Dreamcast included many of the popular titles that was released for it.  Some of the top titles for the Sega Dreamcast included Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, NFL 2K, and Shenmue. The original Sonic Adventure game reportedly sold over 2.5 million units worldwide and was just as good a Super Mario 64 in terms of gameplay, graphics, and storyline.  Along with some of the top titles for the Sega Dreamcast there were also many fun titles such as Marvel vs. Capcom I & II, the Capcom vs. SNK series, Skies of Arcada, and Phantasy Star Online.   These types of titles kept people emotionally invested in the Sega Dreamcast along with additional releases between 1998 and 2001.


Despite, the Dreamcast being discontinued in 2001 many people are aware of the fact that Sega has recently released new games for this specific console.  In 2014, a very exciting RPG title entitled “Pier Solar and the Great Architects” was released for the Sega Dreamcast and it features 1-bit gameplay that is also available for multiple consoles including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.  Some people are also aware that Sega plans on releasing another 2D RPG game entitled “Elysian Shadows” in 2017.   The fact new games are still being released for the Sega Dreamcast almost 15 years after its inception shows how valuable this console truly is.    The fact that Sega still produces great titles for the Dreamcast makes us wonder if they plan on releasing a Dreamcast 2 in the near future.  Either way, the Sega Dreamcast console was an awesome game system to have in the late 90’s and early 00’s.  The high quality gameplay and amount of features the Sega Dreamcast produced made it a strong attraction among many people.  Despite, the competition Sega faced from Sony and Nintendo the Dreamcast managed to sell over 9 million units worldwide which is a testament to how great this game system was and still is.

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