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Retro Gaming- Soul Calibur 2: (2002)


Soul Calibur 2 was another title in the series that was developed by Project Soul and produced by Namco and Electronic Arts in 2002.  Similar to the original game this title was also released for the arcade system before being ported to various consoles.  This title was a very fun to play when it was first released and is still one of the most enjoyable games in the series.  Soul Calibur 2 had featured enhanced graphics and improved gameplay compared to its predecessor which instantly drew many gamers to the arcade cabinet in the past.  Anyone who has played any of the Soul Calibur games in the arcade would probably remember spending countless quarters on completing the game while gaining as much satisfaction out of it as possible.


As good as the arcade version was following its release various ports of Soul Calibur 2 had special additions that would make the game more attractive to people who wanted to buy it.  An example would include the inclusion of characters in the game that were not available in the arcade version of Soul Calibur 2.  The game had featured characters such as: Link for Nintendo Gamecube, Heihachi Mishima for the PlayStation 2, and Spawn for the Xbox console.  While exclusive characters provided an attraction for each respective console the game had also saw the return of the most popular characters in the series such as: Ivy, Sophitia, Maxi, Mitsurugi, and others.


Along with presentation of recurring characters Soul Calibur 2 had also added new characters including Cassandra, Raphael, Talim, Yun-seong.   Out of the new characters added to this game some would argue that Talim or Raphael was the most popular.  Since its inception Soul Calibur 2 has also been ported to the PlayStation network and Xbox Live in High Definition.  Soul Calibur was named the “Most Addictive Game” in the Spike Video Game Awards in 2003 and has received five star ratings from gaming publications such as: GamePro, GameSpy, and Nintendo Power. While there have been various ports for Soul Calibur 2 the game is just as exciting despite what console one decides to play it on.

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