Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone (1990)

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone was originally released for the arcade system in 1990.  This title was the third installment to the Double Dragon series developed by East Technology and published by Technos Japan.  Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone one of the two versions for the third installment with the second being known as the “Sacred Stones.” This game is a direct sequel of Double Dragon II and emphasizes the events that occur immediately after the Black Warriors were defeated.  In this game the player takes control of the Lee brothers to travel the world and search for the Rosetta Stone in order to rescue Marion after being kidnapped.  This information is revealed to them by an old fortune teller named Hiruko who guides them throughout their quest.

This game presents players with an exciting adventures as they travel throughout the world to compete different missions in America, China, Japan, Italy, and Egypt.  The level of difficult the game presents range from normal to difficult because while Double Dragon III appears to be simple in the beginning stages such as Egypt proves to be very challenging.  While Double Dragon III: Rosetta Stone has great graphics and decent gameplay some people believe that it pales in comparison to its NES counterpart “Sacred Scribes.”  However, this game in some ways is a step forward from the previous two games since the storyline is slightly more in-depth and allows players to travel around the world to complete their mission.  Overall, this game was a decent sequel to Double Dragon II but when it comes down to which version of the third installment is more superior NES port known as “Sacred Scribes” is usually the first title that comes to mind.

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