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Retro Gaming- Streets of Rage 3: (1994)


Streets of Rage 3 was another beat em up game that was created by Sega in 1994.  This title is also the third installment in the Streets of Rage series that featured faster gameplay enhanced graphics and a more in-depth storyline in comparison to the previous two games.  Streets of Rage 3 was a game that was considerably more difficult than the first two games despite what level one played it on especially in the American version.   In Streets of Rage 3 the enemies in each stage seem to have every possible advantage along with the fact that each stage is longer then the ones for the previous games.  In one stage the player must run from an enemy who chases them with a bulldozer which was something that was not common in other beat em up games.  Also, there are levels where the players have to avoid multiple obstacles including being hit by trains and falling down trap doors that lead to instant deaths.


It also appears that players do not receive as much help in Streets of Rage 3 in regards to items that replenishes one health bar; even if players to receive items that replenishes their bar it does not last very long.  Also, the boss battles in this game are difficult because on some stages players on some occasions are required to battle two are three bosses either simultaneously or back to back.  Some boss battles that are tough for players includes fighting “Mona & Lisa” on stage two or “Yamoto” on the fourth level.  Many people would argue that the bosses for stages two and four are the most difficult in Streets of Rage 3 especially for the US version.  Trying to beat this game along with a friend on multiplayer mode is hard enough while trying to complete the game alone seems nearly impossible for many people.  While some critics and fans may argue that the increased difficulty makes the game more challenging others would beg to differ and mention how unfair it is.


Additional features presented by Streets of Rage 3 including multiple endings which  made up for the increased difficulty of this game.  Overall, Streets of Rage 3 was great beat em up game despite not being as popular as the first two titles.  While many Sega fans enjoyed the Streets of Rage series during the early 90s it leads them to wonder after two decades will there ever be a Streets of Rage 4?

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