Retro Gaming- Streets of Rage 2: (1992)


Streets of Rage 2 is beat em up game that was created by Sega in 1992.  This game was the second installment in the Streets of Rage series created for the Sega Genesis and proved to exceed the expectations that many people had prior to its release.  Streets of Rage 2 is probably one of the best sequels to any beat em up game for a variety of reasons.  The second installment included better graphics, enhanced gameplay, and excellent musical composition.  The plot for this game was relatively similar to the original where Axel Stone & Blaze Fielding have to stop Mr. X and his crime syndicate from taking over a city.  However, this game includes the addition to two new characters including pro wrestler Max Thunder and a kid named Eddie Hunter also known as “Skate”.


In Streets of Rage 2 people have the option of completing the game on single player or multiplayer mode if they have friends.  The gameplay for Streets of Rage 2 allows each character to move faster and utilize special attacks unlike the original game.  Also, the soundtrack for this game was arguably the best in the entire series.  The music producer for this game Yuzo Koshiro had made some memorable soundtracks that are considered legendary.  The music in Streets of Rage 2 was ahead of its time allowing players to enjoy the game while listening to early 90’s club music.  The first stage of the Streets of Rage 2 entitled “Go Straight” is probably the best soundtrack in the entire series; the tune for Go Straight is so popular it has received numerous remixes along with other soundtracks over the years by many people who enjoyed the game. There also many other memorable soundtracks in the game including  “Dreamer”, “Slow Moon”, “Under Logic” and others that many people thought was great.  Similar to the prequel each player must defeat a group of enemies in each stage accompanied with a boss battle in the end until they reach the final stage with Mr. X.


The level of difficulty regarding Streets of Rage 2 is not too hard once the game has been played over a few times.  Some people would probably agree that Streets of Rage 2 was better than Final Fight 2 in some respects.  Streets of Rage 2 was so popular it was re-released on many different consoles including the PlayStation Network, Nintendo 3DS, and  Xbox Live Arcade.  Overall, Streets of Rage 2 is considered to be legendary among many gamers and is regarded to be one of the best Sega games of all-time.

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