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Will the PlayStation 5 sell at least 20 million units worldwide within a year?

As it relates to 2019-2020 everyone is anticipated the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5. As it curry stands we do not know hardly anything about the PlayStation 5 or even know what the console looks like. However, it has been confirmed by Sony that the all 5 will have a PSVR 2 as it seeks to make Virtual Reality gameplay an essential feature for the next generation console on the future. As far as how popular the PlayStation 5 will be that is something that is very hard to predict right now. However, many people have high hopes for the PlayStation 5 seeing how successful the PlayStation 4 has been since its release back in November 2013.

Since its release the PlayStation 4 has managed to sell at least 80 million units worldwide surpassing rival consoles such as the Wii-U and the Xbox One within the 10’s decade. To predict how much it will sell within its first year is tough and saying that its going reach 20 million units worldwide in sales within that time period is almost impossible to predict.

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