Upcoming Games- Dying Light 2: (2019)

One of the hottest games that was announced at E3 2018 was the upcoming survival horror action role playing game Dying Light 2. There have been many people around the world who have been waiting to see this game since its prequel was first released back in January 2015. Ever since the release of the origin Dying Light game for consoles such as the PS4 and the Xbox One the game has managed to sell over five million units worldwide. Seeing how popular the first Dying Light game was Techland will be releasing a well deserved sew of the game sometime in 2019.

For those who were huge fans of the first Dying Light game you will still have on heck of an adventure in Dying Light 2. However, in Dying Light there are a few changes such as more emphasis on the consequences of the choices that players make throughout the game. In addition, to choice based mechanics Dying Light 2 will have a bit more realism as players will be able to battle zombies at night but no so much in the daylight. As of right no exact release date has been revealed by Techland regarding Dying Light 2 but we will most likely find out as we get closer to 2019.

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