Should Nintendo make a Kirby Air Ride 2?

Its hard to believe that it’s been almost two decade since Kirby Air Ride was released for the GameCube console back in 2003. Those who were fans of the older Mario Kart games from back in the day would definitely be a fan of Kirby Air Ride since it was very similar. Kirby Air Ride was an addictive fast paced racing title and many people who have played it had nothing but good things to say about the game itself. While Kirby Air Ride did manage to sell over 1.3 million copies on GameCube; it was overshadowed by other racing games like F-Zero GX and Mario Kart: Double Dash which also came out in 2003. Also, the GameCube console was considered to be a commercial failure meaning that games like Kirby Air Ride did not get nearly as much exposure as top titles on the PS2 during the 2000’s. If Kirby Air Rude was released on the Wii console anytime between late 2006-2010 it could have definitely been more successful than it was on GameCube. In fact, its shocking that Nintendo never made a sequel for Kirby Air Ride on The Wii console.

Despite, the 2003 Air Ride game being far from the best Kirby title that Nintendo has ever made it deserved some type of sequel. Within the past eighteen years we have not gotten a remastered version of the Kirby Air Ride or anything. In fact, there is a petition online that has been around for at least five years for Nintendo to make a sequel to Kirby Air Ride. The idea of seeing a brand new Kirby racing game on the Nintendo Switch sounds awesome and the petition already has more than 3,300 signatures on However, if Nintendo ever had any desire whatsoever to make a sequel to Kirby Air Ride or to even remaster the game itself it most likely would have happened by now.

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