Should Street Fighter V be on the Nintendo Switch?

Street Fighter V (2)

Street Fighter V is probably one of the best fighting titles out one the PlayStation 4 right now.  Since its released back in 2016 Street Fighter V has been praised by fans and critics for its store mode, characters along with having a great online multiplayer mode.  As popular as Street Fighter V was for the PlayStation 4 many people have wondered whether or not it would be just as popular for the Nintendo Switch.  Since Nintendo games generally target a more family friendly audience many people believe that it would be a better idea that Street Fighter V remain a PS4 exclusive opposed to being ported to the Switch console.

Street Fighter V (3).png

Since Street Fighter is considered to be the premier fighting series within its genre Capcom is generally expected to release such games on consoles like the PlayStation 4 for better sales.   The Nintendo Switch is still a brand new console and even though it has done great in terms of sales making a sudden decision to port Street Fighter V to the Switch console would  be considered a hasty move on Sony’s part if they decide to do so. However, the idea of Sony releasing Street Fighter V for the Nintendo Switch sound interesting but it seems unlikely to happen.

Street Fighter V.png

As far the Street Fighter series is concerned Capcom is already releasing Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers for the Nintendo Switch in May 2017.  With the re-release of another Street Fighter II game it seems like there is no need for Capcom port Street Fighter V to the Nintendo Switch.   If porting Street Fighter V for the Nintendo Switch was something Capcom wanted really to do then it would be promoted for that console instead of Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers.

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