Does Bioshock deserve its own movie?

Its hard to believe that the Bioshock series has been around for about fifteen years now. The very first game within the series was released back in ’07 for the PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 and spawned two sequels afterwards which were released between ’10-’13. The plot for the original Bioshock game was very intriguing and was set in a retro yet modern version of the 1960’s. The storyline took place in a fictional place known as the Rapture following the aftermath of a civil war that took place as a result of anarchy. Also, the dark atmosphere and the creatures included in the original game added quality of the original Bioshock game and would a for a great movie. However, every Bioshock game made from ’07-’10 was licensed by 2K Games which is a gaming company that specializes in producing video games opposed to cinema. It should also be noted that the Bioshock series has seemingly been dead for almost a decade considering the fact that the last major game within the series Bioshock: Infinite came out back in 2013. Despite, how old Bioshock: Infinite is the game was the most successful installment within the entire franchise reaching at least eleven million copies in sales across multiple platforms. As it currently stands we are still waiting for a direct sequel to Bioshock: Infinite foe the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One. But the idea of Bioshock coming to the big screen in movie theaters around the world seems unrealistic at this point. We got to see film adaptations of of popular video games like Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Uncharted within the past few months and they both received mainly positive reviews from critics. We are supposed to be getting a Gran Turismo movie during in Summer 2023 and the video game series lacks storylines mainly because they are all simulated racing titles. At least the Bioshock series has good storytelling that directors could easily covert into cinema. If Bioshock were to get its own film adaptation in the futuresometime within the 20’s decade it would definitely be something that would turns heads within the gaming world. However, there is no guarantee that a potential Bioshock movie would be a smash box office hit since its not quite as popular as other video game franchises like Tomb Raider.

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