Retro Gaming 00s- The Darkness: (2007)

The Darkness video game from 2007 was no doubt one of the most thrilling survival horror first person shooter video games of the late 00’s. The Darkness was published by 2K Games and developed by Starbreeze Studios and released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. There were a variety of aspects about The Darkness game that people loved including its dark atmosphere, gameplay, graphics along with its compelling storyline. The plot for the Darkness featured a character named Jackie Estacado who was the main protagonist and had a dark and somewhat tragic backstory. The story sees Jackie seeking revenge on the don of the New York mafia Paulie for trying to have him assassinated on his 21st birthday. Even though, Paulie was the main antagonist he played a significant role in Jackie’s upbringing. Paulie took Jackie out of the orphanage at a young age and basically worked for him until they had disagreements which ultimately lead to a fallout between the two. After surviving the assassination attempt from the New York mob Jackie’s body becomes possessed by a supernatural entity known as “The Darkness”. This supernatural entity has been in Jackie’s family for generations and feeds off of darkness to become more powerful. Ironically, this dark supernatural entity that possesses Jackie’s body is helpful in killing off the mob; especially after his girlfriend Jenny is kidnapped by Paulie and corrupt police chief Eddie Shrote.

The game takes some unexpected twists and shocking turns which included Jackie killing himself out of grief; after being restrained by the Darkness from protecting his girlfriend. In addition, being in the real world some of the gameplay took place within the Otherworld where Jackie meet his great-great grandfather Anthony Estacado. After discovering that Anthony was responsible for bringing the Darkness within the family he also tells Jackie how to defeat it once and for all. The game ultimately lead to Jackie killing Pauline in the end only to become fully consumed the Darkness. While the epilogue shows Jackie reunite with Jenny it only turns out to be a dream. Despite, not being the most popular first person shooter game from ‘07 its still considered a classic by many gamers today. There were many people who thought the Xbox 360 version of the game was far more popular than the PS3 port and was one of the better first party shooter titles of 2007. The Darkness managed to reach over one million copies in sales and despite the good reviews it received from various gaming publications; it has yet to be remastered in 4K HD. In fact, we have yet to see a sequel to The Darkness II game from 2012. Despite, being an intriguing first person shooter horror game the The Darkness was most likely overshadowed by BioShock which was way more popular as it related to titles published by 2K Games in 2007.

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