Will Nintendo have a next generation console by 2025?

The Nintendo Switch is arguably the most popular game system in the world along with the PlayStation 5 and PS4 right now and has been around since March 2017. Not only has the Switch console managed to sell more than the Wii-U but it’s coming very close to surpassing the Wii console from 2006 in sales. While the Wii console managed to reach at least 101 million in sales during its lifespan it has recently been reported that the Switch console has sold roughly over 90 million in worldwide. Its common knowledge that after every seven to eight years Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo generally releases another game console. There are many people who are wondering whether or not Nintendo will be releasing a new game console within the next few years. While the Switch console is far from declining in popularity at some point Nintendo is going have to come out with a new game system to compete with the PlayStation 5 along with the Xbox Series X. Even though, Nintendo’s OLED Switch model is good start in terms of trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s current generation consoles; the product line can easily lose its appeal since cloud based gaming is expected to rise in popularity over the course of the 2020’s decade.

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