Should Pokémon Black & White be remade for the Nintendo Switch?

As many people know the highly anticipated Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pear is set to be released within Q4 2021 on November 19th for the Nintendo Switch. While the current generation remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl are both fifteen years in the making there are other installments within the series that people would love to see remade in 3D. If we are getting a 3D remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl then at some point we should be get one for the Black & White games from 2010. Pokémon games from Generation 5 was just as popular as Gen 4 especially considering how big the Nintendo DS was during the 00’s decade. Pokémon Black & White was also highly successful on a commercial level reaching over 15 million copies in sales worldwide. Pokémon Black & White ended up becoming the sixth best selling title in the Nintendo DS and similar to older installments within had somewhat of a cult following. If Nintendo and the Pokémon Company does decide to remake Black & White for the Switch console it will most likely be released years from now.

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