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Will the new Suicide Squad game be a huge attraction in 2022?

As many people are aware a new movie based on the Suicide Squad is supposed to hit theaters later this year in August 2021. While are many people are excited for this upcoming Suicide Squad movie this summer; there were many who are excited for the game that supposed be released sometime in 2022. The Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is a game that has reportedly been in developmental since the mid 10’s following the release of Batman: Arkham Knight back in 2015. In fact, Justice League: Kill The Justice League is supposed to be the fifth installment within the main series of Batman: Arkham; which has been around since 2009. The trailer for Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League featured the likes Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot and King Shark. While the first three minutes of the trailer for the new Suicide Squad started off on a somewhat comedic note; things became more intense after approximately three minutes and thirty seconds. Not only does everyone discover that Superman is a villain in the game but players that Brainiac is the main antagonist. Apparently, Brainiac has found a way to brainwash the Justice League while chaos & havoc is noticeably occurring in Metropolis.

In terms of gameplay it has been confirmed that multiplayer co-op will be featured in the new Suicide Squad game which allows up to four different players at once. Also, when people decide to play the game by themselves artificial intelligence controls the other characters; while giving players the freedom to switch between characters throughout the game. While the plot for the upcoming Suicide Squad game is very intriguing there are still more details that the public has yet to learn about it. There are many who are waiting to see gameplay footage along with some of the other Justice League characters that did not appear in the 2020 trailer for the Suicide Squad game. It should be noted that Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be developed by Rocksteady Studios the same creators of the previous Batman: Arkham games. Also, the Suicide Squad game will be published by Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment and is classified as a action-adventure shooter game. Hopefully, more details about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League will be revealed throughout the remainder of 2021. In terms of whether or not the new Suicide Squad game will be a huge attraction in 2022 is something that remains to be seen.

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