What was the best racing title for Super Nintendo?


When it comes down to racing games for the Super Nintendo everyone has their respective opinions on which game was the best.  We had so many interesting 16bit classics including Super Mario Kart which was easily one of the most exciting racing titles of the early 90’s.   The fast paced gameplay along with the inclusion of special multiplayer modes added to the appeal of Super Mario Kart.  Players had the opportunity to compete in grand prix races in order to win four different cups while being able to compete on difficulty levels such as 50cc, 100cc and 150cc.    Super Mario Kart was a great game because Nintendo was able to successfully take Mario and other characters in the game out of the platform genre in order to make the very first racing game in the series.  Super Mario Kart is probably the best selling racing game for the SNES considering the fact that it sold over eight million units worldwide since it release back in 1992.

Fzero snes.jpg

While Super Mario Kart is probably the very first game that comes to mind when we think about racing titles for the SNES there are others which comes to mind such as F-Zero.  In terms of gameplay and graphics F-Zero looked similar to Super Mario Kart which is not to surprising considering the fact that it was released one year earlier on the SNES console.  Some people would agree that without F-Zero there would not have been a Super Mario Kart in 1992.    F-Zero in someways served as a blueprint for games such as Super Mario Kart and Hyperzone despite being a completely different game.  F-Zero was a single-player futuristic racing game where people had to compete against over twenty different opponents using hover cars in the 26th century.   Even though, F-Zero did not sell as much as Super Mario Kart did worldwide its still recognized by many retro gamers as one of the best racing titles of the 16 bit era.


While Super Mario Kart and F-Zero are considered to be in the top 10 of the best racing titles for the SNES many people would also place the original Top Gear game developed by Gremlin Graphics in that category as well.  When Top Gear was first released in 1992 there were various things about the game that stood out such as colorful graphics, exciting gameplay along with cool soundtracks.  When most people think about the Top Gear series for the SNES the ’92 game instantly comes to mind.   The early 90’s saw the development of many other exciting racing titles including Rock n’ Roll Racing, Lamborgini American Challenge and others that were also fun to play on the SNES.  But in terms of which racing game was the best on the SNES the answer is generally debatable among people. But if we had to choose on which game sold the most and drew more revenue for their respective company then by default people would probably choose Super Mario Kart.  The Super Mario Kart series is still around today and continues to be one of the things that Nintendo has going to this day.

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