Retro Gaming 00’s- Mario Kart Arcade GP: (2005)

As many people know the Mario Kart series has been around since the early 90’s when Super Mario Kart was first released in 1992. The Mario Kart series has evolved dramatically over the past couple of decades with the creation of memorable games such as Mario Kart Arcade GP from 2005. Mario Kart Arcade GP was initially developed and published by Namco and was released in arcade centers worldwide on the Triforce system board during the later part of 2005. While Mario Kart Arcade GP was not the most successful entry within the series as it relates to the 00’s it was still a big attraction for its time. Mario Kart Arcade GP was the very first installment within that people could play at public video game outlets worldwide. However, some might argue that Mario Kart Arcade GP was released during a time where people were turning to online multiplayer gaming more. While the Mario Kart series was arguably more popular in the 90’s than the 00’s MK: Arcade GP was not quite as popular as Double Dash from ’03. The Mario Kart: Double Dash game for GameCube was the most popular racing title on that console reaching close to 7 million copies in sales.

However, Mario Kart: Double Dash was no where as successful as Mario Kart Wii from ’08 which ended up being the best selling installment within the entire series. In fact, Mario Kart Wii was the second best selling game on the console and was probably one of the top sellers of the 00’s in general. The appeal of Mario Kart Arcade GP was the fact that people could not play it at home while giving them a more realistic gameplay experience. Despite, the fact that the popularity of the arcade era from 80’s & ’90’s had declined in popularity by the 00’s; Mario Kart Arcade GP was still good enough to have a series of sequels with the latest installment being released in 2017. Not only did Mario Kart Arcade GP include the usual names such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Wario, Bowser and others; but guest characters like Pac-Man and Ms PAC-Man were featured within the game as well. Mario Kart Arcade GP gave players six different cups to race for and included 24 different race tracks depending on whether or not the Rainbow Cup is unlocked. Even though, Mario Kart Arcade GP is not talked about as much as other games within the MK series is still legendary since it was the first ever arcade installment within the franchise.

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