Call Of Duty: Black Ops II (2012) vs Grand Theft Auto V (2013) which had more success?

When we think about some of the most successful video games to have emerged from the early 10’s there are a variety of titles that comes to mind including Diablo III, Minecraft along with the the first two Call Of Duty: Black Ops games from 2010-2012. While Diablo III was more for PC RPG gamers while Minecraft was designed for those who huge fans of the sandbox-survival genre. The Call Of Duty is considered to be a attraction due to the popularity of the first person shooter genre. In fact, shooter type games in general are very popular in this day as age as it was about a decade ago. While Treyarch & Activision’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops games were highly successful back in the early 10’s; you also had titles such as RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto: V from 2013 that rivaled those two titles in popularity. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II is a game that has received universal acclaim since its release and went on to reach roughly under 30 million in overall sales. It was also revealed in 2020 that Call Of Duty: Black Ops II had managed to generate $2.75 billion in revenue. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II had an exciting story mode along with several multiplayer gameplay options that contributed to its overall replay value.

Grand Theft Auto V is considered to be one of the best selling games of the 10’s decade if not all-time. It was recently reported that GTA: V has managed to reach approximately 150 million in worldwide sales. Grand Theft Auto V had reportedly generated $1 billion in revenue in alone in 2020. Since its inception back in ‘97 it has been generally believed that the Grand Theft Auto series has earned approximately $6.4 billion in revenue. Aside from the fact that the world is still patently waiting for GTA:VI people still play Gran Theft Auto V because its great with a very high replay value. One of the biggest attractions of GTA: V aside from the storyline, gameplay, graphics and side quests included its online multiplayer game mode. Grand Theft Auto V was considered to be a revolutionary installment within its series since it allowed up to 30 players per game; something that has never been done in any of the previous installments. There was so many activities GTA: V that players could engage in to a point were they had no idea what to do first.

While everyone has their distinct option on which game was better between GTA: V and Black Ops II; almost everyone is subjected to to being somewhat bias. There are hardcore Call Of Duty fans along with first-person shooter lovers who would argue in favor of Black Ops II. Those who are casual fans of action-adventure third person shooter games or simply GTA fans will most like argue in favor of Grand Theft Auto V. While Grand Theft Auto V may have earned more in revenue than Black Ops II; the Call Of Duty franchise has definitely earned more revenue than the GTA series since it has managed to generate over $27 billion since its inception in 2003.

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