Could Devil May Cry 2 have worked on GameCube in 2003?

As many people know Devil May Cry 2 is considered to be an action adventure classic from the PS2 era of gaming. Devil May Cry 2 was arguably one of the most popular action-adventure games of ’03 and was a title that was highly praised various gaming publications. The plot of DMC2 heavily revolved around Dante trying to thwart the plans of an insane businessman named Arius who is also the main antagonist of the game. Arius diabolical plan revolved around trying to raise a ferocious creature called Argosax from the demon realm by collecting the legendary artifacts. Despite, the fact that Devil May Cry 2 was a game that appealed more to teenagers and young adults; it was one that could of been a huge attraction of GameCube during the mid 00’s. While its common knowledge that there were no DMC games released for GameCube or the Wii console during the 00’s; some believe that DMC2 could have done fairly well on the Nintendo GameCube between ’03-’05 in terms of sales. But its almost impossible to think that Devil May Cry 2 could have been as popular as the likes of Zelda: Wind Waker, Super Mario Sunshine or even Metroid Prime towards the mid 00’s.

While Capcom’s Devil May Cry series was hit during the 00’s decade with DMC2 arguably being the best installment within the series; first party titles on Nintendo based consoles always tend to overshadow third party games despite what generation they are from. Its quite possible that DMC2 could have still reached over one million in sales on GameCube. However, when it came down to memory cards and storage GameCube was limited compared to the likes of PS2; players could only save so much video game data on GameCube without deleting other previously saved files. In theory, having DMC2 on GameCube would have been awesome but the truth is the console ended up selling way less than its competitors in PS2 & Xbox. If Capcom wanted DMC2 to have more worldwide exposure to gamers the PS2 was definitely the best platform to have it on.

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