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Upcoming Games- Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions (2020)

There are many interesting games that the world is looking forward to seeing throughout the rest of 2020 and one of them so happens to be a sports game coming soon to multiple game systems. It has been confirmed that Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions will be released for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows in Summer 2020 between August 27th & 28th. Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions will be developed by Tamisoft a gaming company that has been around since the early 90’s and has worked on some games within the Toshinden & Dream Club series. Also, Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions will be published by Bandi Namco Entertainment which has published plenty of high profile games in general over the past couple of years. There is not too much information about the game itself that has been made public aside from the fact that it allows both single and multiplayer gameplay.

As many people know the Captain Tsubasa sports manga has been around for over three decades following its inception back in April 1981. Since then the world has seen various volumes from different mangas within the Captain Tsubasa series including “World Youth” from the 90’s “Road To 2002” and “Golden-23” from the 00’s; along with “Kaigai Gekito Hen” and “Rising Sun” from the 10’s decade. The Captain Tsubasa sports manga see is legendary worldwide especially in Japan and even had its share of animes & films during the 80’s, 90’s, early 00’s and most recently the late 10’s. The anime-like visuals for Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions looks amazing and similar to that of DBZ-Kakakot which utilized the Unreal Engine 4 following its release back in January 2020. Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions will be one of the first high profile home console games that the world will have seen since the 90’s back when the series itself was far more popular. It will be interesting to see how successful Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of Champions will become following its upcoming release on multiple game systems in August 2020.

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