Robocop and Terminator- Would they be huge attractions in modern gaming?

There have been countless blockbuster announcements in relation to upcoming video games since the start of ’22 that has caught people by surprise. There are big games like Street Fighter 6, Super Bomberman and many others that have been announced for an upcoming release in 2023. Recently, the news just broke online that world is supposed to see new video games involving Robocop and Terminator sometime in the near future. Apparently, a French video game company known as Nacon will be working on an upcoming first-person shooter game called RoboCop: Rouge City and a survival game known as Terminator: Survival Project. Reveal trailers for both games have recently surfaced online on July 7th and the atmosphere of both games look very dark. In terms of visuals both RoboCop: Rouge City and the Terminator: Survival project looked impressive but seems somewhat unlikely that there are too many people who are looking forward to the upcoming release of both games. Society has changed a lot since the 80’s and early 90’s with more people having greater preference for anti-heroes opposed to lawful heroic figures from the late 90’s onwards. However, since we are getting an RoboCop game that actually looks great for once there are most likely a handful of people who want to check the Rouge City title once its released next year in 2023. Also, there have been many comparisons made between Terminator: Resistance from ’19 and this upcoming Terminator: Survival Project game which is an indicator on how this upcoming game will be perceived by gamers following its upcoming release. Despite, the overall presentation of Terminator: Resistance in terms gameplay and visuals many critics blasted the game for being boring and not clicking with casual gamers. But there are many people who are anxious on seeing what Nacon is capable of with the upcoming Robocop and Terminator games in relation to their respective releases in 2023.

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