Will Electronic Arts have their State Of Play event in 2023?

The news has recently broke on various game websites that Electronic Arts will not be moving forward with their annual State Of Play event this year. The idea is that Electronic Arts have a variety of video games that are currently in development; apparently none of them are ready to be presented to the world in 2022. There are upcoming games that the world is look forward to seeing including two racing games. One of the racing games that people are looking forward to seeing is Grid Legends which is being developed by Codemasters. Also, many people are anticipating that Electronic Arts makes a new announcement regarding a brand new Need For Speed game. Seeing how well received Need For Speed: Heat was following its release in ‘19 the series is still somewhat of an attraction in this day and age. There other titles like Dragon Age 4 along with the Dead Space Remake that people are looking forward to hear more about in 2023. At this point its hard to predict whether or not Electronic Arts intends to have a State Of Play event in 2023. If Electronic Arts does have a State Of Play event in ‘23 then the lineup is going to look very impressive next year.

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