Does Heavenly Sword deserve a sequel?

As many people know it’s been at least 13 years since the classic PS3 action-adventure hack n slash game was released back in 2007. Heavenly Sword was developed by Ninja Theory and published by Sony Computer Entertainment and was released during a time period; when the hack n slash genre seemed more popular than its ever been in gaming. The late 00’s-early 10’s was a great time period to be a fan of action hack n slash games in general. However, there were so many games from the late 00’s-early 10’s period like Devil May Cry 4, Bayonetta, Darksiders I & II, God Of War III and Dark Souls that were very popular during that time period. While Heavenly Swords was considered to be a good game it definitely got overshadowed following its release; which was reflected in poor sales from ‘07 onwards. However, despite selling poorly in retail Heavenly Swords was popular enough to have its own film adaptation of the game back in 2014. The film adaptation of Heavenly Sword had a $1.8 million budget and followed the game closely with Nariko as the the main protagonist. The plot for Heavenly Sword revolved around a little girl named Nariko who eventually grows up to be a skilled warrior.

The most interesting aspect about the plot was the fact that legendary prophecy that existed prior to Nariko’s birth suggested that she was most likely going to be a boy. Also, the fact that Nariko was a goddess apparently a goddess in her past life before being reincarnated. Nariko’s destiny was to wield the legendary sword which was said to be forged in heaven that could destroy mere mortals in an instant. Nariko was expected to claim the heavenly sword in order to prevent it from falling into the hands of the main antagonist King Bohan and his forces. Initially, Heavenly Swords was supposed to have a sequel after it was announced back in 2008. However, Sony had no interest in a Heavenly Swords 2 game due it being a commercial failure on the PS3. But over the past decade it seems like people have been more vocal about a potential Heavenly Swords 2 game. In fact, Ninja Theory has even expressed some type of interest in making a direct sequel for Heavenly Sword back in 2014. The closest he ever got to Heavenly Sword 2 within the 10’s decade was Hellblade from ‘15; which became way more popular on a mainstream level and was a bigger success commercially. Even though, Heavenly Sword was not quite as popular as Ninja Theory’s gory “M” rated Hellblade title; it was appealing in the sense that it ended becoming a much better game than many people initially expected. Also, teenagers and young adults in general gravitate more to violent & mature games than ones that are rated “T” nowadays. While many people might agree that Heavenly Sword deserves a sequel the truth is that it may never happen.

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