Atomic Heart appearing at E3 2021?

As far as upcoming games are concerned one of the few upcoming first person shooter titles that people are talking about is Atomic Heart. The reveal trailer for Atomic Heart came out back in the Summer of 2018 and since then people have been waiting for the official release of this game. Atomic Heart will developed and published by Russian Studio Mundfish and will be released on multiple gaming platforms including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One along with Microsoft Windows. Along with being a first person shooter Atomic Heart is also supposed to be an action role playing game that will feature ray-tracing for added realism; which was revealed in a gameplay trailer back on January 20th. Atomic Heart will feature a single-player campaign mode while utilizing the Unreal Engine 4 in addition to special graphic based technology created Nvidia. Atomic Heart has a very intriguing plot as places emphasis on an alternate reality as it relates to world history. The setting of Atomic Heart takes place in the mid 50’s where technology is far ahead of its time. Players take control of a unstable KGB agent who is sent by the Soviet government to search for answers regarding a defective facility; that has lost communication with the outside world.

The main character known as P-3 is tasked with objective of preventing the leak of classified information resulting from an “accident” at the Soviet facility; since the effects of the global system failure could have a catastrophic effect on the world. The gameplay for Atomic Heart looks impressive and has a dark retro futuristic vibe to it. In fact, there are some people who compare Atomic Heart to the likes of Bioshock and its seen as the Russian version of the game. Recently, the developers have confirmed that Atomic Heart will indeed appear at E3 2021; and that a new trailer will premiere this summer on June 13th. Apparently, Atomic Heart is far from being complete since there is still no official release date for it. Issues regarding the development of Atomic Heart was reported by Mundfish back in January 2019. Mundfish ended up making massive layoffs among staff possibly due to incompetence; which ultimately delayed to release of Atomic Heart. Hopefully, Mundfish will reveal the official release date for Atomic Heart a E3 2021; along with the possibility of the game being released sometime in 2022.

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