Could Neo Geo X have more successful during the 00’s?

There are many people who probably don’t remember the Neo Geo X from ’12 since it was only available in retail for a short period of time. The Neo Geo X was developed by SNK Playmore and was released in America for the price of $199. The cool thing about Neo Geo X is that it was a hybrid console similar to that the Nintendo Switch. The Neo Geo X also contained at least 20 built in games such as Art Of Fighting, Metal Slug, Samurai Showdown, Fatal Fury and many others. In fact, the Neo Geo X seemed like a cross between the Nintendo Switch and the SNES Classic and was way ahead of its time following its release. The SNES Classic along with the Nintendo Switch did not come out until ’17 and both game systems were huge attractions within retail following their respective releases. But considering how popular Nintendo is within the gaming world the success of the Switch and the SNES console should not come as much of a surprise to anyone. SNK on the other hand was never quite as popular as Nintendo back in the 90’s, 00’s or the 10’s decade despite have optimal quality 2D classics from the 16-bit/32-bit era.

However, it should be noted that over the past few decades Nintendo’s games along with their quality have evolved greatly since the 90’s. While the Neo Geo X looked somewhat similar to that of Nintendo Switch it did not contain any brand new games from 10’s. Instead, the Neo Geo X had the same old games from the 90’s that have been re-released for multiple game systems whether it be the PS2, Wii, PSP or the Switch console. Nintendo had developed brand new game for the Switch including Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: Breath Of The Wild and many others with optimal high definition 3D visuals; which ended selling millions worldwide within a few years. Even though, Neo Geo X was a flop in America back in the early 10’s some believe that it could of had more success during the 00’s decade. The concept of a hybrid console was never an idea among Sony or Nintendo executives back in 00’s and would of be considered innovative during that decade. But since Neo Geo arguably peaked in popularity back in the early to mid 90’s would be difficult to determine how successful it could of been in the 00’s. By the mid 00’s many people either owned a PS3 or Xbox 360 and were into first person shooting games; while seeing 2D video games as obsolete or boring. Its quite possible that the Neo Geo X would have been a little bit more successful during the 00’s. But sales-wise the Neo Geo X probably would have still been a flop seeing how competitive things were between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo were during the 00’s.

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