Should MegaMan 7 have been ported for the PS1 during the mid 90’s?

As many people know MegaMan 7 was a solid yet bland entry within the game’s series that appeared on the Super NES back in ’95; during this time period the MegaMan X series was becoming more popular since its inception back in ’93 on the SNES. MegaMan 7 was a game that had great visuals, good storytelling and definitely an improvement over MegaMan 6 from which came out in ’93. The only problem was the SNES was starting to get old by the mid 90’s and more gamers around the world were turning their attention to the PS1. While 3D gaming was mainly popular on the PS1 there were still people who loved the fact the 32 bit console could also run 2D games much better than the SNES. The 32-bit PS1 did not have the limitations the 16-bit SNES console had and was far superior in 2D animation overall. MegaMan 7 could have possibly have shined more on the PS1 between ’95-’96 especially since there were not too many high profile 2D run and gun games on the 32-bit console during that period. Also, Capcom did not release MegaMan X4 for the PS1 until ’97 so having MM7 on Sony’s console would been better since MMX I-III were SNES exclusives before then.

MegaMan 7 has been received some criticism for over the past twenty years for not being on par with some of Capcom’s more popular installments within the series. However, the 2D run and gun genre of gaming was starting to decline in popularity around the mid 90’s. Also, the storyline within MegaMan X series that saw the debut of characters such as Zero along with Sigma as the main villain was far more intriguing than constantly having Dr. Wily as the main antagonist in the main series. Even if MegaMan 7 appeared on the PS1 between ’95-’96 it still would not have been more popular than the Mega Man X trilogy that we got to see on the SNES between ’93-’95. But its likely that MegaMan 7 would have stood out more as a PS1 exclusive than it did on the SNES since MMX3 was also released exclusively for the 16-bit console in ’95.

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