OlliOlli World- Most underrated sports game of 2022?

There is no doubt that 2022 was a crazy year year in relation to gaming news and somewhat underwhelming due to the lack of high profile video games that came out this past year. There a few big games that emerged from 2022 including God of War Ragnarok, Elden Ring, Stray, Pokemon, Scarlet and Violet and Splatoon 3. However, despite the games released in 2022 its unlikely to go down as one of the greatest years in video game history. Despite, being somewhat of a disappointing year 2022 did have some nuggets of gold such is the case with games like OlliOlli World; a skateboarding title that appeared on multiple game systems back in February 2022. The artwork for the game looked very unique especially for a sports related video game because it highly resembled that of the Adventure Time show from Cartoon Network. OlliOlli World was published by Private Division and developed by Roll 7 and was a skateboarding title that was presented from a 2D platformer perspective which is something that is very rare in this day and age. While some people might not be huge fans of graphics used in OlliOlli World is something that stands out and will make casual gamers remember it despite the decline in popularity in relation to skateboarding in America. When it comes down to sports games in general OlliOlli World was arguably a better game than Gran Turismo 7 which received overwhelmingly bad reviews due to its excessive use of micro-transactions. OlliOlli World for the most part received nothing but good reviews from various gaming publications due to how fun and challenging the game itself is. Despite, not being reaching millions in relation to sales OlliOlli World was definitely one of the unique video games to have come out of 2022.

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