State Of Decay 3- Will Xbox Game Studios release it during 2023?

When it comes down to highly anticipated games for the future one of the few titles that the world is looking forward to seeing on current generation consoles is State Of Decay 3. As many people know State Of Decay 3 yet has a confirmed released date and its expected to appear on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S along with Microsoft Windows. We also know that the State Of Decay series has been around since 2013 and is one of the more decent survival horror video game franchises out there right now. The latest installment with in the series State Of Decay 2 was released back in Spring 2018 and since then it has managed to gain at least five million players worldwide since its launch. Despite, not being quite as popular as the Dying Light series there is definitely a significant amount of interest that people have in relation to State Of Decay. While the first two entries within the State Of Decay series were pretty good many people question how good the third installment will be especially considering the fact that the series creator Jeff Strain will no long be apart of its developmental process. As many people know there has recently been a ton controversy surrounding the work culture of Undead Labs who so happens to be the developer for the State Of Decay series. Undead Labs has been accused by former employees of having a toxic work environment and allegations involving issues such as burnout, misogyny and poor treatment has recently emerged. Its quite possible that at some point we could have seen the release of State Of Decay 3 sometime later this year. However, recent allegations against the work culture at Undead Labs has seemingly halted the company’s progress in completing the development State Of Decay 3. Even though, we got so see a reveal trailer for State Of Decay 3 back in Summer 2020 we unfortunately may have to wait a bit longer than expected for its upcoming release on the Xbox Series X and Microsoft Windows. We still lack details about what to expect in State Of Decay 3 and have yet to see any new gameplay footage. Its quite possible that State Of Decay 3 would of appeared at E3 2022 this year if the event did not get cancelled altogether due to rising concerns about COVID-19. Either way, it seems unlikely that State Of Decay 3 will be released this year and many people are hoping that appears on Microsoft Windows and the Xbox Series X sometime during 2023.

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