Retro Gaming 00’s- Mega Man Zero 2: (2003)

As many people know the Mega Man series is considered to be legendary and has been around since the 8 bit NES era of gaming that started in 80’s. There are many people who would argue that the Mega Man series reached its peak during the 90’s with MMX I-VI with some games appearing on the SNES and the others being released for the PS1. While the Mega Man X series started to decline in the early 00’s on PlayStation consoles the Mega Man Zero series was starting to becoming popular following its inception back in 2002. While the first Mega Man Zero game was critically acclaimed for its visuals and storyline fans of the series would get a direct entitled Mega Man Zero 2 in 2003. Similar to the first Mega Man Zero game MM Zero II was developed by Inti Creates and published by Capcom and was released as a Game Boy Advance exclusive. The plot for Mega Man Zero II was connected its predecessor since the setting of the took place one year later with Zero once again being the main protagonist. Unlike, the first Mega Man Zero game where Copy X was the main villain; players see the introduction of a new main antagonist by the name of Elpizo.

In Mega Man Zero 2 Elpizo abandons his job within the capital of Neo Arcadia after discovering the government’s true motives involving the callous disregard for Reploids. The government’s fear that Reploids will harm the human population was apparently the reason why there was so much conflict between the two species. Elpizo eventually decides to form his own strike force to go against Neo Arcadia without realizing how powerful its government truly was. You also learn that a mysterious person was watching everything unfold and they it’s all apart of a grand scheme of his own. In terms of gameplay Mega Man X Zero was pretty similar to that of the prequel; we also got to see the return of Cyber Elves in Mega Man Zero 2 with a few sub-tanks being hidden in different levels. Other new gameplay features included in Mega Man Zero 2 were EX Skills and Forms; which can be unlocked by completing various tasks or earning A or S ranks during missions. Overall, Mega Man Zero 2 received positive reviews from various gaming publications for its storyline, visuals and improved gameplay from its predecessor. The replay value of Mega Man Zero 2 was also high since people can play through it a second time on a higher difficulty after unlocking hard mode; when starting a New Game by holding down the L button before selecting it. Even though, Mega Man Zero 2 was not as popular as some of the older installments within the MMX series it was still a great action-platform run n gun title for the Game Boy Advance.

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