Nintendo Switch Lite announced for release in Fall 2019!!!!

As far as big news in relation to gaming world is concerned we recently just learned that Nintendo plans on releasing another version of the Switch console in Fall 2019. It has been revealed that the Nintendo Switch Lite will be appearing in electronic retail stores around the world on September 20th. As far as features are concerned we have learned that the Nintendo Switch Lite will only have 720p handheld gameplay and players will not be able to plug it into their television for 1080p quality gameplay. As far as physical features are concerned it has been said the the Switch Lite will look almost exactly like the original model of the Nintendo Switch except that the display screen will be 5.5 inches long opposed to 6.2. We have also learned that the Nintendo Switch Lite will come in various colors such as grey, turquoise, yellow and will be priced at $199.99 following its upcoming release.

Basically the Switch Lite will be at least $100 less than the original Switch console released back in March 2017 for the price of $299.99. While some might argue that the price for the Switch Lite is reasonable others might have different feelings about the matter despite the console being priced at less than what the Nintendo 3DS was at following its initial release in America back in February 2011. When the Nintendo 3DS was first released about eight years ago it was priced at $249.99 before it eventually dropped to $169.99. In fact, the Nintendo Switch Lite is approximately the same price as the Nintendo 3DS XL which was initially released in America during the Summer of 2012. However, following the reveal of the Switch Lite Nintendo had mentioned that it will not serve as a replacement for the Nintendo 3DS series that has been in electronic retailers for years now. As far as how successful the Nintendo Switch Lite will be following its upcoming release in September 2019 is something that somewhat difficult to predict. The original Switch console has managed to sell at least 35 million units worldwide since its release in the Spring 2017 and its possible that gamers may prefer the original model over Switch Lite. If anything the Nintendo Switch Lite is considered to be a cheaper alternative for those who cannot afford the Original Switch console.

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