Would Strider have worked on the SNES during the 90’s?

When it comes down to platform titles of the early 90’s Strider was a popular title back in arcade centers along with consoles such as the Sega Genesis. Even though, we had the chance to see a Strider game for the NES in 1989 the world never got a chance to see a title for the SNES back in the 90’s.

It may have made more sense to have a Strider game on the SNES especially since Capcom has produced many titles on that consoles which were successful such as Street Fighter II along with the Mega Man X series. While it was a treat to see Strider in the Sega Genesis it seemed like platform titles aside from the Sonic the Hedgehog series did not stand out as on that console. In fact it seemed like generic platform titles stood out more on the SNES than the Sega Genesis. Looking back at things now some might argue that Capcom missed an opportunity to make Strider a success for the SNES back in the early 90’s.

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