Monster Hunter: World- Capcom’s most popular game of the 2010’s?

The 2010’s was a revolutionary time period for the gaming world seeing how technology along with the digital quality of video games had improved during that decade. When it comes down to high profile titles from the 10’s decade Capcom had managed to put out some memorable titles that critics still speak fondly about years later. During the 10’s Capcom has released blockbuster titles including Devil May Cry V, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV, Street Fighter V and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. But as far as commercial success is concerned Capcom’s biggest game of the 10’s was Monster Hunter: World from 2018. There is no question that ’18 was arguably one of the best years of the 2010’s decade as it related to video game releases; especially considering the fact that games like Marvel’s Spider Man and God War came out on the PS4 in 2018. When it came down to prehistoric natured themed action-role playing games Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World gave Sony’s Horizon Zero Dawn a run for its money in terms of popularity. While Horizon Zero Dawn managed to reach over 20 million copies in sales worldwide Monster Hunter: World had managed to hit around 27 million.units. Also, critics had nothing but good things to say about Monster Hunter: World and was praised for its map designs, weaponry, diversity of monsters. One of the drawbacks of Monster Hunter: World was its somewhat steep learning curve. Aside from adapting to the core gameplay mechanics Monster Hunter: World is a game that many people can easily become attached to and was without a doubt one of the top three action role playing games of 2018.

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